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  • Kids



    So disturbing... But one of the most natural scripts I have ever heard onscreen, brought to life with fantastic performances.

    Though fiction, it is a great observation of the fine line between innocence and depravity. One wonders how someone so young could really be so capable of doing the things Telly and Caspar do...

    Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson star as the girls in this damaging portrait of sexual abuse and HIV, and their characters are so great I really…

  • Jubilee



    The first version of Jubilee I watched was not this original film by KCL Alumnus Derek Jarman, but a theatre adaptation in the Lyric Hammersmith. I walked out of that show, a young teen, inspired. My head was reeling with the synaesyhetic effects of strobic colours, punk music, and yes, live naked men.
    I couldn't wait to watch the film
    ... And then I never got round to it, till today!

    Oh. My. God. I understand, really understand, why some…

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  • Mank



    The first time I watched this film, I somehow felt inclined to like it. So much so, that upon hearing others' dislike towards the film I was taken by surprise...
    I was curious to see what they saw was so bad about it! I am not one to change my opinion in accordance with what others say, but sometimes changing opinion is wise.
    After rewatching it this evening, I have seen many things wrong with the film: Terrible CGI on…

  • Who Killed the Cat?

    Who Killed the Cat?


    My parents chose this one last night! Cute little British mystery about a trio of old ladies who get a murderous impulse after their favourite cat is assassinated.... Darkly weird and funny in the Arsenic and Old Lace sort of way, good acting overall, and interesting theme about fate, 'chance', and karma. Nice if you like old British movies :)