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  • Prevenge



    This sarcastic, sometimes sad, slasher, follows Ruth (a stunning Alice Lowe, also the director & writer, as well as being legit pregnant while shooting -- that's not a suit she's wearing) who has the unfortunate burden of being both violently widowed, and well into her third trimester with a baby that isn't too pleased with how dad died; in fact, she's downright seething & only has one real place she can express that anger, living as she is inside her mum's womb.…

  • OnlyFans: Selling Sexy

    OnlyFans: Selling Sexy


    Things I enjoyed about this was some of the interviewee content creators, in particular Wynter, Kirsten, and Tyson. I like their different aesthetics and approaches; and some of the cute b roll footage of them was good too. Like when Tyson is first introduced & says, to the camera operator, "Oh God are gonna watch me bumble my way into this Air Bnb?" I giggled. Loved too the relationship captured between Wynter & her mom Shanita. How candid she was able to…

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  • Ma



    TW/CW = Direct refs to GRMING & RP as plot related in following thoughts on film

    What was deliberately done to Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) was fucked up & horrifying. Sue Ann was groomed & raped. It is important to note also that Sue Ann, herself a kid at the time & even really later, was assaulted by a group of kids that may well have been groomed in their own ways, which this film does a good job of explaining, but not excusing,…

  • Roll Red Roll

    Roll Red Roll


    TW/CW: This review contains analysis of a documentary which directly confronts & covers a horrific case involving SA & RP. The doc itself features direct discussion of RP & SA both via talking head interviewees & some particularly disturbing candid pull quotes mined from those directly & peripherally involved. My analysis & review is raw, much like this doc. I briefly allude to my own experiences with SA & RP as a parallel with my analysis of what's covered in the doc. I do also use repetition…

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  • Oldboy



    A gorgeously hyper-violent psychological exploration of one of the most dynamic characters I've ever seen featured on screen. Choi Min-sik's command of facial expressions and body language is just bonkers brilliant. To say his ability to shift from bumbling drunk buffoon in this film's introductory expositional sequences (some of the funniest moments in any film, comedy or not, Choi Min-sik does an incredibly believable drunk) to a hollowed out former prisoner, struggling with his solitary confinement induced monstrosities, while simultaneously…

  • Hereditary



    This is a film that will always slap for me. That sumptuously thematic editing; the delicious dread dripping down every frame; the gloomy lighting in the Graham house; that perfect combination of melodrama and realism, a film somehow Mumblecore and exceedingly extra in the same breath. Toni Collette's inhuman wailing and full body sink into Annie; that dinner table scene, right after Peter says she's just as responsible as he is because of the party idea, and Steve's like, "SHUT…