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  • The Feels

    The Feels


    "What's wrong with me? Like, am I broken?"

    Like Regular Helen (Ever Mainard, absolutely delighful), I gave myself my first orgasm, reading something smutty. I also had to seek out information about my body by asking an aunt to buy me one of those "our bodies, ourselves" books. Which of course had nothing in it about queer sex. It did, though, talk about masturbation and orgasm, in a perfunctory way.

    It took me much longer to be able to orgasm…

  • Princess Cyd

    Princess Cyd


    "We are different shapes and ways and our happiness is unique. There are no rules of balance."

    During summer break, Cyd (Jessie Pinnick) visits her famous writer aunt, Miranda (Rebecca Spence), in Ravenswood, Chicago. This provides a blissful respite from the fractured, claustrophobic relationship she and her "super depressed" father (Keith Kupferer) share.

    While there, Cyd becomes enamored with Katie (Malic White), a charming local, and playfully provokes Miranda's well-established routine -- "she still lives in the house she grew…

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  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

    Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey


    TW/CW: forced marriage, religious abuse, CSA, SA, domestic violence (possibly more I'm missing but that hits the main ones)

    "I had 6 kids by the time I was 24 yrs old. And none of those children were my choice."

    What this gets right is mostly a lack of exploitation -- there's the reveal of an audio tape near the end that toes the line but I get why it was included and I think it's handled with as much sensitivity…

  • Mope


    "Dude, we make $40 a scene."

    Essentially non-stop racist, homophobic, misogynistic. Definitely feels like it is punching down the entire time as we watch Tom (Kelly Sry) and Steve (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) be abused as they try to rise the porn ranks.

    Interspersed with the racist attacks they regularly endure, along with them being underpaid horrifically for doing fetish work, women are routinely used as props. They're there to be disrespected, condescended to, and laughed at. And look, I'm not saying…

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  • Oldboy



    A gorgeously hyper-violent psychological exploration of one of the most dynamic characters I've ever seen featured on screen. Choi Min-sik's command of facial expressions and body language is just bonkers brilliant. To say his ability to shift from bumbling drunk buffoon in this film's introductory expositional sequences (some of the funniest moments in any film, comedy or not, Choi Min-sik does an incredibly believable drunk) to a hollowed out former prisoner, struggling with his solitary confinement induced monstrosities, while simultaneously…

  • Dead Asleep

    Dead Asleep

    A lot of victim blaming, even from the state prosecutors. Always a good look. Also I'm really not seeing this whole Herman was "very small" & "boyish" angle. First of all, not relevant, really don't care. Secondly, no. Like I'm sorry. Herman also at one point dead ass said "I could have ran" and that's super chilling.

    Also super apparent that Brooke's family did not want to be involved so I love how Sky Borgman just goes ahead and uses footage…