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  • Rocketman



    Consider it a confessional journey through Elton John’s imaginarium. With about as much frankness as can be allowed in an R-rated film that is, nonetheless, pitched to a mainstream audience.

    Also, and this is very important, this is all with the subject’s “Seal of Approval (TM).” And, to be fair, it comes off as pretty honest in the sense that here we have a cinematic equivalent of a probing Rolling Stone interview with the man...fresh out of rehab and ready…

  • Cell



    It’s odd that it took Stephen King so long to finally write a zombie apocalypse story. By the time the novel of this was published in 2006, he’d already written basically everything else.

    In any case, King’s end of the world scenario is not unlike George Romero’s in the sense he uses the concept to comment on our contemporary social reality and our ever present dependence on technology as a way to remain informed but also connected to one another,…

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  • Shelter



    Can good performances elevate a shit film?

    And so, I present for your consideration this barely released and mostly unheard of little chiller from a couple of years ago that can answer that question with a resounding "maybe."

    Because, all things considered, the first hour of this is kind of intriguing. It is during the film's second hour - as things eventually sink into a river of spiritual gobbledygook - that the eyes ever so assuredly begin to roll.


  • Out for Justice

    Out for Justice


    My personal favorite Steven Seagal film. You get the sense that the script (originally titled "The Price of Our Blood") was intended for a serious crime drama of the type churned out by Sidney Lumet in the 70s and 80s. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing was collecting dust on the Warner shelves until Seagal retooled it to fit his sensibilities. He treats it like a serious... movie and tries to give an honest to God real performance. With…