Out for Justice ★★★½

My personal favorite Steven Seagal film. You get the sense that the script (originally titled "The Price of Our Blood") was intended for a serious crime drama of the type churned out by Sidney Lumet in the 70s and 80s. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing was collecting dust on the Warner shelves until Seagal retooled it to fit his sensibilities. He treats it like a serious... movie and tries to give an honest to God real performance. With his Brooklyn accent and an overall pretentious attitude. It almost works, and he even has a scene where he tries to ape Marlon Brando. Coupled to that is John Flynn's taut direction, and you have one of the slicker 90s programmers. Without Seagal's touch, this might have been a rather forgettable entry in the crime drama genre...like Wesley Snipes' Boiling Point or something. But, instead, you have a strange hybrid of a movie that ends up being pretty fascinating.