Prometheus ★★★★

I see how this might not work for some people. Particularly if they have the expectation of an Alien movie or, more likely, the second coming of Christ. But it really has to be appreciated as a stand alone. Taken that way, it's a visually arresting and sophisticated thriller. There are many effective creepy moments of genuine dread and suspense (as well as a bravura climax) and an eerie performance from Michael Fassbender in the showiest part. Sprinkle in Ridley Scott's operatic sensibilities and you have a classy B movie, which really seems to be the film's intention from page one. It means to entertain and scare you. It does both of those things with relish. I look forward to a sequel. There is more to explore in this universe. And I don't say that because of the unanswered questions at the end of this film. I think they should stay that way, so much more interesting than spelling everything out as prequels often do. I want a sequel because, by moving beyond the already spent concept of the alien itself, the film really opens up interesting possibilities. In that sense, it's a true revitalization of the franchise.