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This review may contain spoilers.

This had WAY TOO MANY JUMP SCARES my heart isn't built for this kind of scary shit lmao... but this was so good!! The concept is so fresh/novel and also big kudos to all the performers because they really made the film! 

Only issue I had was that I thought the plot/character development was a bit simplistic (and the ending dissatisfied me somewhat) - I feel like it would have been cool to explore the family dynamic more? Especially with regards to the little boy's death. And on that note, I'm not sure how to feel about Emily Blunt being the pregnant homemaking mother while John Krasinski was out there catching fish/sending SOS flares/tinkering around being generally tech savvy. Not to rag on more traditionalist family forms but, the dad telling his little boy to "take care of your mother"? The eldest daughter being the one who was deaf and hence the one stuck at home, not allowed to go out and learn how to survive the alien invasion? Hmm......... (though I suppose it counts that both female characters were the ones who concluded the film - yet this doesn't seem particularly noteworthy considering my interpretation is that they all died/got eaten soon after) 

(btw i have a question, i didn't quite get why he didn't let her go down into the basement where the cctv screens were?? is it because he didn't want her to see him working on the hearing aids, or did i miss something?? someone pls enlighten me)

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