Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Okay full offence this was really fucking racist?? All the jokes about Japanese people pronouncing "r" as "l" were so incredibly rude, and Bob speaking English in front of a restaurant chef and joking about him not understanding, and the continual and obvious poking fun at some aspects of Japanese culture???

Apart from the racism I found this SO boring and both main characters so whiny and unsympathetic...... why are Straight White People like this. Tokyo is a beautiful city full of culture and good food and great sights and lovely people and all Scarlett Johansson and the Bill Murray knew how to do was swim in the hotel pool and drink at the hotel bar and mull over their crappy relationships like no wonder they were lonely and depressed........... Also the making fun of Anna Faris's "shallow blonde film star" character was so annoying like wow what an Original Trope! For some reason Scarlett Johansson's character REALLY annoyed me.

I went into this with high expectations, hoping for a film that would masterfully depict the alienation of being in a foreign country, and the struggle of establishing one's identity in an unfamiliar environment. But NOT at the expense of mocking said country and its culture or portraying it as stifling and dull.

Anyway I hated the 1 hour of this that I watched lmao I'm not going to bother finishing it.

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