Captain Marvel ★★★★

Today I volunteered at my local Jack and Jill chapter. I was with my improv troupe at my high school and we helped kids out with public speaking. When we asked for suggestions for characters in the games some of the girls kept yelling “CAPTAIN MARVEL” and when one of my friends said she hadn’t seen it the girls were in disbelief. 

Those girls are why movies like this and Wonder Woman and Black Panther are so important. They get heroes to look up to now and that’s honestly amazing. 

I ended up seeing this later today and I expected not to like it but I can’t really tell what all the criticism was about. Captain Marvel is a powerful, emotional movie anchored by strong performances and important messages. Brie Larson was perfect (as always) and the supporting cast was very memorable as well (I can’t wait to see what Lashana Lynch has in store for us in the future!) The action sequences were definitely not the best and a little too unfocused, but I loved the character moments during them (especially the ONE scene). 

All in all, even if you didn’t like this movie, please at least recognize and acknowledge its importance. Those little girls at Jack and Jill are proof of the passion and inspiration this movie has caused.

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