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  • The Double

    The Double


    ''Ayoade creates a Kafkaesque character from a Dostoyevskian one.''
    As Kafka develops details instead of a whole in his all works, we see same method is foregrounded in this movie. What we see in this one that huge destructions are hidden in small details, government relations are immersed in all fields of our lifes and the reification of men. The fact that governments make themselves centers since they want to be gods, that they construct labyrinthine structures instead of exits…

  • Idiocracy



    Technology has been developing, but what about our intelligence ? By the help of technology we make our lifes simpler; the simpler lifes we have the less we use our brain. TVs, phones, internet make us leave our 'self'. If we continue without thinking, we will not have the capacity of solving problems.

Popular reviews

  • The Great Debaters

    The Great Debaters


    ''An unjust law is no law at all.'' We can take this quote as the summary of this movie and the black history. If we ask who can criticize
    the system in a better way, we have the best answer 'Denzel Washington'.
    Like in his other movies, he is the most dominant leader in this movie.
    He always proves that the best solution to problems is the education itself. With
    that education, these debaters became the leaders of awareness of black people.

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    This movie shows us that we don't have to use special effects to make a great movie. You can make a great movie with intelligence and art of thinking. Then, what I learn from this movie is that we should approach the incidents in different way. It is really perfect criticism about American judge system.