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  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Battle Royale
  • Godzilla
  • Spirited Away

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  • Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning


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  • Love Is Just a Death Away

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  • Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41

    Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41


    Meiko Kaji - Knives n' Eyes

    There is no such thing as the perfect sequel? I beg your pardon? This is it. It takes every aspect of the predecessor and makes it better while being fresh and standing on its own feet. That is the definition of what a sequel should be.

    It’s darker and more upsetting than the first one. The brilliant visuals are to be found here as well. Now with some interesting camera movements and more metaphorical…

  • Shin Godzilla

    Shin Godzilla


    Gojira - King of the Monsters

    Shin - "new" (新), "true" (真), or "God" (神)

    Exactly what you would expect from a Godzilla film directed by the one and only Hideaki Anno. While it amplifies the social commentary of the original to a maximum new level and mostly shows conferences it never loses ones attention. Especially the first half is top notch with a perfect pacing. The second half drags the film a bit. Right until after the beast mode…

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  • F9



    Lächerlich, das ist das erste Wort, welches mir jetzt kurz nach der Sichtung in den Sinn kommt. Natürlich konnte ich mir denken, dass der mittlerweile neunte Teil dieser Reihe, die schon lange vom ursprünglichen Weg abgekommen ist (seit Teil 6 bin ich eigentlich raus), keinen genialen Part der Unterhaltungskunst darstellen würde. Dennoch war ich angesichts der bodenlosen Frechheit dieses Films empört oder sagen wir mal ernüchtert, denn Empörung setzt ja schon eine gewisse Emotionalität voraus, welche ich hier in keinster…

  • Red Post on Escher Street

    Red Post on Escher Street


    Nippon Connection 2021 - Film #7

    While watching the final forty minutes or so I felt everything, absolutely everything. I completely was into this film. An experience like no other before. I screamed, I cried, I cursed, I burst out laughing, I cheered. My whole body went with it. I was so sweaty afterwards that I had to shower.

    I can't really capture my feelings in words here so this is all I can say: Any positive adjective that you can ascribe to a film is still not enough for this masterpiece!

    Thank you Sion Sono for this, thank you.