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  • Stoker



    "In bringing to life India’s rich and intoxicating inner mindscape, Stoker sidesteps views of coming of age inherent to the very term: in coming of age, you shed your old skin, and step out anew. Instead, the film refuses to consider a future free of the past. Adulthood is a sheet placed over childhood; childhood a stain that bleeds through. When I think of Stoker, I think of the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, and her strange female protagonists, the way…

  • Wildlife



    In Paul Dano’s Wildlife, the domestic is a house always on the verge of bursting into flames. It doesn’t take long for the seemingly happy family made up of Jerry, Jeannette, and Joe to begin to disintegrate as worry over money seeps into the foundation of their home. The gender roles that the characters are forced to perform are so rigid that they offer no reprieve; so alienating that they allow for no real alternative. Jerry is all barely-contained masculine…

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  • Raw



    I left the theatre cackling, feeling energised and in love with cinema and life and women - and yet the film also made me anxious and worried and grossed out and violently sad. What a fucking film!!! I'm not 100% convinced on the last minute or so, but this ticked off every single visual kink I can think of and I want horror girls to take over the whole world!

  • Carol



    have the heterosexuals who called this cold ever felt a feeling before every single look or touch shared between carol and therese is so deeply imbued with unspoken feeling and warmth it makes me feel dizzy