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  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    A Woman Under the Influence is contained cataclysm - contained in that it exists within its 155 minute runtime, contained in that it exists within the boundaries of a normal life, contained in that it's the tale of a woman entrapped in more than one sense. Gena Rowlands is Mabel, becomes her in such a rare and electrifying way that it's impossible to look away from her on-screen. She feels so raw. I suppose it'd be oversharing to comment on…

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    Lately, I haven't really been in the mood to write about the movies I've been watching, even though I've loved some of them and hated others, and I have plenty of thoughts. I just haven't really found the words to express these thoughts. Things haven't changed here, and it seems kind of silly to review this film, a film that everyone and their dog has seen and written a thousand words on, and a film that I don't think I…

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  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals

    Tom Ford sits at his desk in his very nice house and a very nice suit that cost a lot of money. What is a good plot for a film? He thinks to himself. Ah, I know. I'm going to show that true artistic expression is good but we live in a harsh society that privileges money and the only art that makes an impact is the art that reflects this, so it's empty and ugly and obnoxious.

    I'm interested…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    The Swiss subtitles of this film translate "she lived in her liquor" by "she liked her pints a bit too much".

    La La Land, I'm always gonna love you.