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We welcomed welcome Dune Pod’s graphic designer, Ctcher to talk the maestro’s classic blockbuster followup to Jaws. This movie is stunning T2B, with the bones of what Steven would develop into Raiders and E.T. all over the place. The effortless tension building with off-screen details was the thing that blew us away the most.

Set within the context of the fallout from the public's betrayal by Watergate, it was an age when (more harmless) conspiracies were all the rage, from…

The Running Man

The Running Man


We're joined by the co-host of the Bat and Spider and PaperKeg podcasts dale_a and his PaperKeg partner and co-host of the hit new martial arts movie podcast Twin Vipers, Jonesy Loves Beer.

A true classic and a cornerstone of the Science Fiction Social Satire Trilogy (alongside Robocop and Starship Troopers), Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s The Running Man works! Arnold has never looked better, and set against Richard Dawson, Jesse the body Ventura, and the rest of the stalkers, will have you…

We're joined by the showrunner of HBO Max’s Banshee and Warrior, plus Jason’s favorite show SEE, Jonathan Tropper! We celebrate Geena Davis’s return, as we tackle her female action star role that broke the mold, The Long Kiss Goodnight!

A gem of pure 90's over the top action, helmed by Renny Harlin who gleefully turns all the knobs up to 11. Gina Davis and Samuel L Jackson light up the screen, and Shane Black's dialog and story construction delivery big laughs and solid payoffs thru the conclusion. Def worth a watch!

Listen to the full episode here.

We're joined by tech product visionary Tom Coates! After our first 2 attempts failed due to power outages, sickness, and the vagaries of booking, and because you DEMANDED IT, we FINALLY tackle the 1997 science fiction social classic, GATTACA!

This is a challenging film. It has unbelievably beautiful cinematography and production design. And it does ask some fascinating questions about inequality and destiny in the face of genetic control. But there are also some really stilted performances by Uma and Ethan, and a few tired storytelling elements that drag the film down from it's potential. Still def worth watching!

Listen to the full episode here.

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Better admit upfront that I love dance films, and horror is my favourite genre. So I was ready for this.
The opening scene got me really excited. Was this a snow horror like The Thing? The talking heads scene only reinforced this anticipation. The library of classic horror titles framing the TV set was a source of more excitement. Then the disco music kicked in. Woo-hoo, let’s go!
Cue musical interlude 🎼.
I laughed when morning came and the slow…