Contact ★★★

Contact is a film which tests the boundaries between the fears of a non-existential all-loving, all-caring omnipotent God, and the existence of a superior Alien race who suddenly have made first contact with Earth.

The films pacing is slow and the real payoff isn't towards the end, however the characters development and journey throughout are deep and meaningful and you feel emotional and care about them. And while towards the 2nd act there is a noticeable dip as the increase between arguments concerning religion are imposed in the final minutes we see a rare glimpse at what is a future alien race with some exciting visuals which are quick and snappy to look at, while we don't get a glimpse at the Alien race who choose to appear as the protagonist's father, unfortunately for her though nobody believes her story par the love interest played by Matthew Mcconaughey.

Despite the lack of visuals in regards to the cinematography and keeping interest, and the introduction of some quite eccentric characters, the film peaked my interest and gave an insight as to what first contact may be like.