Cherry ★★★½

i have been anticipating this film for SO long and wow !!! and personally it did not disappoint me. whilst i would definitely say the editing was over glamourised at some points, i just cannot fault tom holland and ciara bravo’s performances. they were just both so so so incredible, as was jack reynor. ( although, i am slightly traumatised by him from midsommar )  

i appreciate how much they stuck to the structure and the writing of the book.  and whilst the screenplay was and seemed weak at some points, i don’t believe it would’ve done nico walker, or his book, or his story justice if they had changed it.

also that score !!!!!!!!!! just so so beautiful wow henry jackman went OFF with it and i am so annoyed that it’s only been released on apple music. (henry jackman or anyone if you see this please release it on spotify i NEED it in my life)

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