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  • Ceremony



    I would say watch it for Lee Pace, but he's actually kind of awful in this. The movie is passable, but nothing I would recommend. It is dull and incredibly awkward at points, with many of the jokes falling flat and none of the performances standing out.

  • Retreat



    In retrospect, it was a lot better going into it completely blind and having no clue it was about bio contamination of any kind rather than knowing ahead of time. Enjoyable movie, can never complain with Cillian Murphy and I've always liked Jamie Bell. Strong performances from the two of them, and Thandie Newton holds her own as well--I've never particularly enjoyed her, but I wouldn't call the woman talentless by any means--in a movie that may well have worked better as a straight thriller about a crazy man, though I admire the way they resolve it. I just don't think it was executed terribly well.