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  • The Dark Tower

    The Dark Tower


    This film has been a long time in the making, as fans of the Stephen King book series have long awaited a big screen adaptation of the Dark Tower novels. With Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey co-starring, it seems like an easy recipe for success. Is it? Find out in the review:

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  • Dunkirk



    English auteur Christopher Nolan returns with another powerful film, this time focusing on the events of a real battle in World War II that has not seen much film treatment. Throughout Dunkirk, Nolan proves once again that he is one of the best when it comes to making films this large in scope, but not without sacrificing his own signature style of filmmaking, and not without taking some risks that ultimately prove worthwhile.

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  • Green Room

    Green Room


    Green Room is a masterpiece of violence and anger. Showing his innate potential as a thriller director with 2013's surprisingly poignant Blue Ruin, Jeremy Saulnier proves that he can manufacture a great film with well known actors and with a greater sense of identity this time around.

    Good writers write what they know, and I can tell as a former metalhead kid in high school that Saulnier knows the punk/metal scene and the inherent beauty that may not necessarily be…

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    There are few words to describe The Cabin in the Woods other than the greatest of adjectives: phenomenal, innovative, and inspiring come to mind. This works not just as a horror movie, but as a comedy, drama, and even a philosophical expression of art. It also does this without offending or desecrating the legacy of any of these genres. This movie is a glorious combination of everything that there is to be loved about horror movies, and even more. It is an exceptional film, and the best horror movie I've ever seen.