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  • Waterworld



    strangely this is one of my father's favorite films and growing up i was indoctrinated with it. i was almost oblivious to it's reputation as both a box office bomb and a critical whipping boy. watching it today i am stung with nostalgia, and truly in awe of some of the production design. costner's mariner is about as unlikeable as a lead character as i can think of and it's way too long.

  • So Long Enthusiasm

    So Long Enthusiasm


    like all great debuts, so long enthusiasm feels like stumbling upon a whole new language spoken with the confidence of an ancient one. where did they learn to speak like that?

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  • Baseball



    on a scale of baseball to baseball i rate this 'baseball'.

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    There's a small 15 minute segment somewhere in the middle where Wright gets out of his own way and lets the relationship between Baby and Debora breath. Sadly the rest of the running time is taken up by numbing violence and music video montages with editing so hyperactive it needs ritalin.