Khumba ★★½

The reaction of my six-year-old niece: "Beautiful! Is there a second one?" That's the first thing that came into her mind. Thought that was funny. Growing up in a world of sequels, prequels and spin-offs, she just assumes there's more of this. The fact that she wanted to see another Khumba, says it all. If she knew what a rating was, she would choose 4 shiny stars out of her stickerbox right away, no doubt.

I believe Triggerfish Animation Studios has potential. Movement is flawless, backgrounds are far above mediocre the whole running time and the details show us there's nothing wrong with the quality of the animation itself. So, while the character design of some sidekicks feels uninspired, it's actually a joy to watch Khumba in the short scene where he discovers the world of insects under his feet.

With better writers and a director with a stronger vision, this could have been a great tale suited for the whole family, all ages. However, if you're not between four and seven years old, there's not much going on that's able to surprise us. I enjoyed the fact the movie wasn't loaded with action and jokes just because it's possible. But on the other hand it wouldn't hurt at all to give this the extra push it needed. Now it's just for the little ones. From what I've heard, so was Zambezia

If the South African studio finds the people that are able to create the right balance on that level, I would look forward to their upcoming adaptation of Here Be Monsters. For now, I'm not sure.

Ps; Just found out there will be a Khumba 2, someone is going to be thrilled. ;°)