Walking with Dinosaurs ★★½

Talking with Dinosaurs?

The theatrical version of 'Walking with Dinosaurs' is simply unwatchable. After only ten minutes I wanted to use the mute button. If you thought one voice-over can be distracting when it's all over the place, imagine three or four annoying voices giving you the most unfunny and dumbest lines in movie history. I wouldn't even call it dialogues, since every character is sharing thoughts all the time. And it never stops. It feels like a volcano spitting an endless stream of lava made out of words. Exhausting.

Half way through I wanted to quit the movie and discovered there was a "Prehistoric Version" available on the DVD. No talking at all, only dinosaur sounds. I switched immediately. What a relief. Suddenly the whole tone changed and it actually became an enjoyable experience. It's proof that any sort of dialogue was completely unnecessary. Ruining it with voice-overs was a huge mistake. The strength of this adventure is in the scenery, (instrumental) music and character animation. Humans of all ages will understand what's going on without the talking. After all, a roar is not free of intonation.

My advice? Ignore the theatrical version and watch the "Prehistoric Version".