Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall ★★★½

This movie started off really slow with very few laughs due in most part to the weak dialogue between Peter and his step brother (I didnt care very much for that character and could have done without him). I think the movie only begins to pick off when Peter (Jason Segel) decides to go to Hawaii and meets his ex with her new boyfriend in the same hotel which he is going too in the first place to try to get over her. The concept is very funny and the movie did pick up from that point with very slick dialogue and especially thanks to the introduction of Mila Kunis character who played a very sweet hotel receptionist who decides to help Peter out. Jonah Hill also has quite a few funny interventions. The movie has several histerical moments in Hawai but unfortunately the ending was very predictable and had your typical romantic comedy formula at the end. I dont think I would of enjoyed this movie as much if it wasnt for Mila Kunis who played a very suitable role for her and looked just lovely. I ended up enjoying this film quite a bit and recommend it after that very slow start.

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