Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever ★★½

“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

The only part of my experience with the Cinderella movie that wasn’t very pleasant was this seven minute short they screened before it. I actually enjoyed Frozen quite a bit and thought that the characters and music numbers were very interesting. Unfortunately, in this short despite having the same characters and actors voicing them, the musical numbers were far from memorable. It plays out more as a TV segment than an actual part of the Frozen universe and I honestly hope this doesn’t receive an Oscar nomination because it doesn’t deserve it. I don’t know where they went wrong considering everyone is back from the original film (directors, song writers, voice actors, and so on), but the short simply misses the mark and isn’t nearly as appealing as Frozen.

The short story is a sequel to Frozen centering around a surprise birthday party that Elsa is planning for her sister Anna. While she takes Anna through a treasure hunt, she asks Kristoff and Olaf to look after the birthday arrangements in the courtyard. Unfortunately, Elsa gets a cold and with each sneeze several cute little snowmen (Snowgies) appear and they all give Kristoff and Olaf a hard time as they try to watch over the courtyard. All this takes place while Elsa is singing “Making Today A Perfect Day” for her sister. I found the story rather weak, and the short lacked the heartwarming nature of the original film. When it comes to Disney shorts, this might be my least favorite.

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