Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★½

The latest Dreamwork project lives up to expectations and delivers several laughs. The characters are great beggining with the main character Po who is voiced by Jack Black. Po dreams of being one of the legendary Furious Five, Kung Fu fighters he idolizes. The problem is he is a fat panda who works with his father in a noodle shop and he has no kung fu skills. The supporting characters are also great: The legendary five, the master Shifu, the wise turtle, and the villain Tai Lung are all interesting characters. After a series of accidents (although the wise turtle would correct me and tell me there are no accidents) Po´s dream comes true and ends up training with the legendary five although they have a dificult time accepting him. Overall the film delivers several laughs starting with the opening dream scene. The visuals are also great as they usually are in a dreamworks production. The best animation movie I have seen this year so far

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