Room ★★★★½

"But then I zoomed down from Heaven, through skylight, into Room."

This is my second viewing of Lenny Abrahamson's Room so I won't be posting another review, but rather sharing some thoughts on the mother and son relationship. This is a film that can easily be divided into two halves. The first focusing on a mother's love and strength by trying to give her son a normal life despite the horrific circumstances in which he was raised. Brie Larson shines as this loving mother who has built a shelter around her son. The second half of the film takes a drastic turn as the son is awakened to what the world is really like. The mother on the other hand seems to lose her purpose after not having to shelter her son anymore. The roles shift and despite the changes both mother and son face, it is the young boy who is able to adapt to the new world while the mother has to cope with the realization that things will never be the same anymore. My first take on the film was all about the strength of the mother, but on this second take I realized it is the young son who shows maturity and is able to adapt better to this new world. We take for granted a child's weakness, but in reality they show much more strength than adults when it comes to facing problems or changes. Jacob Tremblay gives a brilliant performance as the young boy who goes through some wild realizations and discoveries, and he carries the film just as much as Brie Larson does.

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