Suicide Squad ★★★½

There is no denying I went into this film with very low expectations considering that I wasn't a fan of the previous DC comic films. Both Superman films were a major letdown for me and I simply wanted to stick to Nolan's Batman trilogy which I consider to be the best superhero films. But somehow David Ayer managed to surprise me with this pop culture loving film. On the one hand it focuses on the villains, which in the Marvel universe is the weakest link. Perhaps if DC Comics manages to give these villains some depth they can compete with Marvel by providing what they haven't delivered. Will Smith's Deadshot is the heart and soul of this movie. I remember a time when everything that Smith touched turned into gold. Here he reminded me of those days delivering a memorable performance. He can bring the much needed depth to this franchise by delivering a character that isn't just white or black. Jared Leto's the Joker was a bit of a letdown considering he wasn't given much screen time, but there seems to be something interesting there in the performance. Margot Robbie did for Harley Quinn here what Heath Ledger did for the Joker. Harley is by far the most interesting and dynamic character here and her sex appeal also helps this film out a lot. Suicide Squad delivers some interesting villains which can help build the franchise in the future, but as a single film there were many flaws beginning with the story itself and the action scenes. I didn't like the plot surrounding Cara Delevingne's character, but everything else about the film worked for me and thought it was innovative enough to get a recommendation. Not a great film, but still plenty of fun!

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