Tallulah ★★★½

Tallulah, an uncommon name for a character also happens to be a different kind of movie. This drama focuses on a young homeless woman who decides to kidnap a baby when realizing it's being neglected by the mother. Tallulah is by no means fit to care for this baby, but her instinct moves her to take action. This is a very different role for Ellen Page who has drifted from her fast-talking witty and confident manner to a more subtle approach. If in Juno she was looking for the perfect couple to care for her baby, here she decides to take care of one who is not hers. She almost seems to act by impulse and her troubles escalate quickly once the mother reports her baby as missing and the police begin their investigation. The film is very subtle and never tríes to spoonfeed to us why Tallulah is making these decisions, but it is evident she has had a bad experience with her own mother and feels she has to save this baby from suffering the same fate. Another director could've easily manipulated the situation, but there seems to be some respect for the viewers here and that is where the film succeeds and seperates itself from other melodramas. Tallulah won't win any awards, you will probably forget about it when the year ends, but it is worth the watch.

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