Gemini Man

Watching a movie at 60 frames per second, it turns out, feels a lot like playing a video game. Ang Lee seems to know this, so Gemini Man is rife with first-person shots of hands clutching guns or steering vehicles. While it's not the first time a film has taken cues from game aesthetics, it certainly feels like one of the more direct mimic jobs. It gives the whole thing this feeling of delirious unreality, especially where the younger Smith is concerned. The effects work is outstanding, but the increased frame rate heightens the sense that he's an animated creation. He feels, again, like a video game character, his movements a little too buttery-smooth and with not quite enough weight behind them. And it makes sense, of course: "Junior" here is a fabrication within the fiction as well, a purposeful creation cynically imbued with emotion but only towards the fulfillment of that purpose. He's God of War's Boy or Last of Us' Ellie, a child of CGI who's been convinced he can feel, but more for the benefit of others than himself. Watching this film was such a weird, wild, unique experience. Highly encourage seeking it out in HFR, especially if you can get to a 120fps screening. I would love to see what it looks like there.

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