Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I watched this a while ago and forgot to log it, which is maybe the only review I need to write. Anyway it's bad. The idea of "found families" is really compelling to me (usually in queer art but I'll take all comers) and it's pathetically squandered here. I think this movie thinks it's probing the insecurities and anxieties of its cast but it can't come up with anything to say about any of them. The fact that it separates them for the majority of the film and then tries to make a statement about how "they're a FAMILY uwu" is so, so weird. We barely see the main 5 interact with each other. They're all spun off into their own subplots, and none of them have enough breathing room. It's storytelling by nudges and glances, asking the audience to fill in the beats that the film doesn't have time to linger over. When they finally come together, the only thing that seems to connect them is that they're all on the poster together.

The only thing I really liked here is the effects, which have a cartoonish bounce that you never see in live-action these days. Wish we could get that sort of thing in a good movie, but alas. Photoreal CG is boring and ugly and I'm sick of it. You're working with a medium that lets you show ANYTHING, why would you try so hard to imitate reality?? I see reality every day and it fucking sucks.