Labyrinth of Cinema

Labyrinth of Cinema ★★★★★

possibly the first (and last) great work of art that could be called "a love letter to movies." plays something like the epilogue to obayashi's war trilogy, combining the period sweep of hanagatami with the tragicomedy of seven weeks and the essay film affectations of casting blossoms to the sky. but it's also a culmination of his entire career, with themes of memory and nostalgia now fused directly with the medium which enables them. it's also much more consciously a final statement than hanagatami was, that film being a long-gestating project and this one being a final burst of late-era creative energy, like a sun going supernova. i'm struggling to come up with words that convey my feelings here to be honest. i'm just so glad i got to see this in a theater. suffice to say it's yet another masterpiece.