No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★½

the ana d. armas scene is fun but man this is incredibly undercooked for being as long as it is. the lashana lynch "character arc" is borderline grounds for a false advertising suit, a role pitched as a strong woman going toe to toe with bond even though she is shown constantly failing and accomplishing nothing and learning to be deferential to him by the end. it's kind of funny in a rule of threes way, how every craig sequel has pretended to ask "does the world still need bond?" as if it's not obvious they'll keep answering it with "oh yes definitely". more disappointing though is that this series seems to have given up being "event movies" for some reason. the craig entries have all chased the trends of their days but it's sort of sad to see a bond movie fully give in to the weightless uneventful canon-obsessed franchise mold. i haven't liked one of these since casino royale but once upon a time you could at least count on them for some spectacle. what a waste of time.