Terminator: Dark Fate

Horrifically—like, HORRIFICALLY—directed, and with a script rife with the late-2010s schitck of overexplaining every plot development to avoid the ire of the CinemaSins crowd. But...I dunno. In a truly bleak and desperate year for all kinds of movies, I think I'll take what I can get from franchise blockbusters. Linda Hamilton's so much fun here that it's all too clear how tragic her absence from movies has been. I'm very gay for Mackenzie Davis. And the film spends some time on classic cyborg "am I human???" shit that the series has never really bothered to make time for. That the new evil Terminator is better at acting friendly, making banter with civilians, and generally passing as a real human than the actually real human played by Davis is an interesting idea. Yeah I dunno folks. I had a good time. I'm gay. What do you want from me.