• Bullet Train

    Bullet Train

    you dont need me to tell you that this is interminable irredeemable trash. i do want to talk about the 4dx experience though bc holy moly those seats SHAKE like i thought i was gonna get thrown on the ground at one point. it's such a hilariously stupid idea, like how is anyone genuinely supposed to watch a movie when they're being tossed around like a coin in a dryer. the worst part was the little air puffs in the…

  • Inu-oh



    absolutely spectacular. i think my favorite Yuasa is still Devilman Crybaby but this is his most stylistically sophisticated work to date. certain visual touches (specifically the way the film depicts the perspectives of blind characters) are just ingenious, and the performance sequences only get more and more breathtaking as the film goes on. i absolutely adored this film.

  • Racetrack



    deeply unusual Wiseman for a couple reasons. catch me on a certain podcast this month for elaboration.......

  • Nope



    i will brook no further jordan peele doubterism. this is phenomenal

  • Us



    hangs together a little better than i remembered, but i still think that final twist does nothing but muddle the film's ideas. feels more obligatory than a natural ending to the story.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder

    someone actually says "aaaaand he's right behind me isn't he" in this

  • Belfast, Maine

    Belfast, Maine


    the moment the moby dick lecture happened and it all started to pull together, my jaw hit the floor.

  • The Bob's Burgers Movie

    The Bob's Burgers Movie


    i would not have made these (terrific) voice actors do so much in-character singing personally. i laughed out loud no less than five times but this mostly reminded me why i stopped watching the show a while ago. it didn't get bad, it just got too practiced at being itself. you always know exactly what every character is going to say and do in every single moment, no matter how snappily paced each scene is. some great character animation though, they really used that theatrical budget well.

  • Central Park

    Central Park


    instantly one of my favorite wiseman's, of the ones i've seen so far this is one of the richest and most fully realized. so many fascinating threads here, from the surprisingly strong religious presence in the park (one committee member even explicitly calls it a "holy place") to the focus on the labor required to maintain the park's image to the contrast wiseman draws between the people who fundraise and spend the park's money and the people who actually use…

  • Kung Fu Panda 2

    Kung Fu Panda 2


    definitively weaker than the first imo (the first one had three really spectacular action setpieces and this film doesn't even really have one) but it's still pretty good. i enjoyed myself. the goose dad, great performance, really fantastic animation.

  • Elvis



    i am a born baz hater but against the laws of god and nature this actually really worked for me, even (and maybe especially) the parts that are terrible. it's a breathless 150-minute montage with some cross-cutting so deranged it would kill probably eisenstein on sight. it's got tom hanks with a performance that will make you believe it's possible to be racist against white people. it's got a scene where elvis gets a death threat that's just a photo…

  • Public Housing

    Public Housing


    "look where god has brought us"