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  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    There are two opinions of this movie. Those who love it and those who lie.

  • Slacker



    This is one of my favorite films. Borrowing the narrative structure of Luis Bunuel's The Phantom of Liberty, Linklater truly captures the mystique of the slacker subculture. Though satiric in nature it's point of view is truly that of admiration of people who are willing to forgo material success in order to find what one character call "the true calling". Endlessly fascinating from start to finish. If you are a fan of indie cinema, you should certainly put this on you "must-watch" list.

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  • The Hammer

    The Hammer


    This is a film that took me by surprise. I decided to give this film a try after hearing some very positive word of mouth. However, after I put it in I was amazed at how really good the movie was. Adam Carolla is not very well known for being a sweet kind of guy. Yet Carolla finds the charm and heart underneath the character's scruffy, blue-collar exterior. The scenes he has with his (age-appropriate) love interest are skillfully handled;…