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  • The Unthinkable

    The Unthinkable

    since i’m swedish i’m used to shitty swedish scripts, but honestly this is among the worst i’ve ever seen. everything else also sucks, i literally cringed my brain out at least once every ten minutes. it’s so embarrassing it hurts. the acting is terrible. not to mention the fact that it’s one of those movies where it’s clear the director just loves himself and his work a bit too much, and thinks he’s made something ~*artsy*~ and special, when really, it’s just bad! on top of it all, it’s infuriating that such a good concept is wasted on such a genuinely awful movie.

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    it’s been a good while since a movie scared me like this. unbelievably creepy from start to finish. the acting is impeccable, the environment and the photography is amazing. but most of all, i wanted to run away from the screen for pretty much the entire film, which means it’s a really fucking great horror movie.