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  • Inland Empire
  • Female Trouble
  • The River
  • Los Angeles Plays Itself

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  • Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas


  • A Haunting in Venice


  • Cat People


  • The Leopard Man


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  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace


    "There's always a bigger fish."

    a helluva lot smarter than most people realize. in this film (and later installments in the prequel trilogy, I'm now realizing) Lucas examines how corporations can end up controlling and influencing governments to their own benefit, how small planets/nations and their citizens can be exploited by more powerful political groups, how the weaknesses of democracy can be cleverly and easily used to give rise to fascism. all this and Lucas delivers incredible visuals, wonderfully expanding…

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    Wayne's best performance out of anything I've ever seen him in before. Ford casts him as Ethan Edwards, almost the antithesis of his character from Stagecoach 17 years previous: old and bitter instead of young and hopeful, simple persistence turned into dogged obsession, filled with hate and rage at the world's ugliness rather than respect and kindness at its beauty. Amazed that people have criticized this as racist -- it's one of the few westerns I've watched that accurately depicts…

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  • Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

    Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid


    Standing on the gallows with my head in a noose
    Any minute now I'm expecting all hell to break loose
    People are crazy, and times are strange
    I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
    I used to care, but things have changed

  • Special Effects

    Special Effects


    "I don't care what you do as long as I get my screen credit!"

    the film's premise is obviously heavily influenced by Hitchcock/De Palma, but I think the key difference between both those directors and Cohen is that Cohen never gained the success those two did, and that resentment is sorely felt in Bogosian's psychopathic director. the deranged narcissism of his character is so ridiculous it becomes brilliant, especially his collaborations with the camera-hungry police detective. almost as significant a…

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  • Bulworth



    "So you're saying the Democratic Party doesn't care about the African American community?"
    "Isn't that obvious?"

  • The Trial

    The Trial

    1. ??? HEROIN ????
    2. ? THE ?? CHINA ? CONNECTION ???
    3. ORION ?? JACKS ????
    5. STAR TREK 2/4
    6. CHARACTER Joe AXE (and to some degree) MANUEL