Tenet ★★★★½

This was an experience that I will never forget. This was my first Christopher Nolan film I watch in theaters, and it a hell of a ride. 

The scenes were shot magnificently as always. The acting performance of the cast were phenomenal so kudos to them. The ending.. the twists.. They were shocking and no one- I mean NO ONE expected them, not even me which was weird since I predict stuff easily sometimes but this movie just proved me wrong. 

This movie definitely needs to be watched at least 2 times. The first time just enjoy it and then the second one understand it. The second time needs to be definitely watched on demand so you can pause and rewind. Is this movie like inception? A bit but they are at the end of the day way different. Is it harder to understand than inception? For me, definitely. That's why I recommend to watch it multiple times.

This movie is definitely on the top of the list of my favorites this year but not that high on my favorite Christopher Nolan movies.