Dunkirk ★★★★

At first, this film blew me away, the opening scene is so brutal and already had me on edge. The next scene on the beach only furthered my state of fear as the tension was unlike anything i had felt from a film before. This film keeps this up for pretty much most of the film which makes it more of a shame that a few things let it fall short of the masterpiece i expected to see.
The three-pronged narrative while original was jarring towards to the end to the point it was just unnecessary. A common issue people seem to have is about the characters and while i didn't have that problem, I did feel the ending only works if these characters have been built up. If nolan had just cut a few scenes from the end the film would have had a lot more impact instead of the awkwardness two of the three storylines had. 
I always feel i come off really negative by not loving everything about a film like this and i really did enjoy the film a great deal just not as much as i expected or hoped to.

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