Red Rocket

Red Rocket ★★★★

Finally managed some time to relax and watch this filck.

After the pleasure went to neon studios and i personally felt so void in the story itself. I wished it was made by a24 with explicit rated that would be the only way to explore the depths of the adult actors lives. I felt bit disappointed. But here it comes the
a24 supremacy
Red Rocket
A24 they have never disappointed me. Not going to explain or review this film. You will experience the clarity once you've get yourself into the film.

However, I want to say /make a note.. That's I've seen Jerry Maguire running to make a proposal YOU COMPLETES ME
I've seen Ethan hunt running to accomplish a mission
Jumping onto a plane and more
I've seen Tom Cruise running for no reason
I've seen forest gump running marathon
And many running in films (I couldn't reckon everything at this moment) but mickey saber running was whole new level ( sasha grey ultimatum level) just fucking awesome and that's where you feel.. The supremacy of a24

One of the films with BEST CRASH ZOOM CUTS ❤

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