Zodiac ★★★★★

Watching this 5 years ago, I didn't really like it as much as everyone else. That's why I decided to give it another go today.

The only reason why I didn't enjoy it before is because I think Memories of Murder was better, and while I still think that the latter is more superior, at least now I'm able to saw Zodiac for what it is rather than for what it isn't.

And what it is is a masterfully crafted crime drama that will take you for a ride. This movie is long, and it's exhausting to watch. One reason is because it draws you in and requires your undivided attention. Second reason is because as each characters involved in case gets old, you also get to feel old. The audience will suffer the same frustrations these characters will go through: chasing a lead, losing a lead, no enough evidence, losing a prime suspect and as well as getting drunk.

Only David Fincher can craft this.

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