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This review may contain spoilers.

"Just Because Someone Stumbles And Loses Their Way Doesn't Mean They Are Lost Forever"

Going into this I was pretty excited to see this after hearing Raimi would be directing this and even after hearing mixed reviews about this I knew i would like It and I did, it can definitely be a little gory at times and feels like an MCU evil dead film In some particular scenes, but doesn't get to carried away from the film. The performances in this film were solid especially getting to see America Chavez for the first time in the MCU who I didn't think her character was fleshed out all that much in this but she still was a solid new addition to the MCU hope to see her again in future MCU project's to explore her character more. Benedict Cumberbatch definitely nails it once again as Doctor Strange he brings much more humour in this film than he did in the first.
Benedict Wong portrayal as Wong is great as always and is always a character that I liked from when he first appeared in the first Doctor Strange film and who's always helping Strange as a friend and as mentor, and he is just a cool character to see as he makes his appearances in the MCU.
The cameos that we got to see in this movie were probably my least favorite thing in the movie the reason for that being because they were killed off after getting to see them for not even 5 minutes, but that was the only downside of the cameos that we got to see in this movie. Danny elfman's score is absolutely perfect and Imo I think it's better than Micheal Giacchino's score for the first film even though it perfectly matched the tone of the film but come one it's Danny Elfman. Anyway
Probably the main problem I had with this film was Wanda couldn't really get into her as the villian in this film even though Elizabeth Olsen does a perfect job portraying Wanda I just didn't enjoy her Wanda vision ark that was mashed into this.

Overall I think this is a solid sequel to the first film and a great addition to the MCU.
I definitely hope to see Raimi direct another MCU project again sometime in
near the future.
Score 8/10

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