Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

strange how this seems to be the first critically adored snyder movie but then again it really isnt that surprising. it is a relentlessly plain zombie movie so devoid of the tonal pain and subversion i am expecting which feels so mythically unique to him is just non existence here and instead what comes is a sometimes fun but mostly standard genre film reliant on its fantastically shot action yet everything else feels so thin, so unfeeling, so simple. there are moments here which are truly special but those moments are fleeting. i am one who adores the snyder messiness, adores the trifle of feelings he puts in his films, adores all the unjust slow motion sequences and relishes in his piece of art. and though this film is messy it is messy without a purpose messy for worse, messy not because it has too much to say but instead too little somewhere. as if he stripped everything which makes this films special away. bvs better

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