F9 ★★★★

this franchise is just so innately likable within its very existence: there’s no real stylistic interest (though it’s starting to pave its own instinctive way) and the substance is so paper thin so like any other that just looking at the plot filling its the same as every other hollywood movie they churn out. yet watching the fast and furious movies they feel different to the rest: its wrongfooted, thumbling at every turn yet its so filled with love for the people around them the people the cast have kinda grown up with making these films, that the rest of the rubbish fades away as their love feels like the most important most intrinsic part of the film despite all the weird car stuff that shits fun as hell too though, it just exists on its own cinematic platter unlike any other franchise to come and before because these dumb lovable fools have this weird almost like charisma (but even i wouldnt go that far) which just makes the audience slowly love their dumb oddities. also this is absolutely the most insane film yet. i hope they keep on making these really.

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