Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★

to be fair its a very high three. sound of metal is a great film, its a technical masterclass and an astonishing performance for ahmed who does genuinely deserve the oscar and from an emotive standpoint all the thematic threads are gushing throughout. the issues lay with the contextual message sound of metal is trying to say. which ends up being highly convoluted bordering on problematic. its not often the deaf community gets a movie representing them especially one which is from entirely their point of view and is done in such a sensitive manner: so for said film to then spend most of its moral landscape demonising hearing implants it ends up coming off as insulting. these implants have positively impacted so many peoples life but this film instead villainsed the character wanting to get the implants and portrayed him as a liar and ungrateful to be a part of this community. and the counter for this is that this movie doesn’t explicitly say that hearing implants dont work for everyone, which is true, however there is a substantial lack of nuance with what they are actually truing to say about hearing implants especially when they show no differing perspectives about it. this movie deserves its praises for many aspects but for accurately portraying a deaf community, im not sure it has it spot on.

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