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  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    Obscenely heavy-handed, but a lot more enjoyable as a comedy than when I took it seriously as a kid; loses me when Ben goes full psycho trying to court Elaine, though. The cut in which Ben flops from the pool onto Mrs. Robinson is pretty sick, and Surtees obviously had a great time shooting this.

  • Come Next Spring

    Come Next Spring


    "I been a lot of places these past few years . . . and found out whiskey tastes about the same no matter where you are."

    The amity to Hellfire’s acrimony, not nearly as exciting but perhaps a necessary rejoinder: simply a nice story about coming home to nice people being nice to each other. Underwhelming to an extent, but this kind of movie seems to find its way to me on days when I need it most, and today happens to be one of those days.

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  • The Gay Shoe Clerk

    The Gay Shoe Clerk

    I know this movie is more than a hundred years old and standards have changed, but this is simply not gay enough.

  • 1917



    Listen, as pretentious as I may seem, I’m no fool; I too enjoy the occasional wholesome Hollywood thrill ride. Simple second-gear entertainment has its place, and so long as it’s got some cool shit going on visually I’m typically game. I have a soft-spot for WWI epics, too—War Horse is, and I mean this sincerely, my favorite Spielberg movie. So 1917 should be slam dunk, right? You’ve got Deakins, you’ve got great period detail, you’ve got Thomas Newman on the…