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  • Interstellar



    Doing this as part of a Chalamet retrospective and damn if it isn’t incredible how much he sinks into the young Casey Affleck character with his brief screen time. 

    As a whole this continues to grow on me as a great hybrid of hard sci-if and the humane, and probably my favorite Zimmer score for a Nolan picture.

  • Moonlight



    "Am I a faggot?"

    Nothing I've seen before this has ever captured that bizarre feeling that someone knows more about you than you do. How is it that often times others can see a gay person before that gay person has had a chance to fully grapple with their sexuality? Is it any wonder we frequently have a hard time accepting ourselves when we've grown up being told what we are, and that what we are is not worth anything.…

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  • Colette



    This movie is the gay agenda.

  • Ride with the Devil

    Ride with the Devil


    I don’t understand how something this visually stunning (even on DVD) with a cast this talented can manage to slog on for almost two and a half hours without giving me a single emotional entrance into the narrative. 

    Seriously though, there isn’t a single shot of this that doesn’t look amazing even if I didnt care about the people in the shots.

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  • Carol



    This is the moment you speak to someone in a language that protects you from the judgment of the world.

    This is the moment you teeter on the edge of a touch that could be friendly and could be something more.

    This is the moment you lay in the same bed as someone and realize for the first time you feel a genuine connection with another human being.

    This is the first time you revel in your ability to deceive…

  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    This improved for me on a rewatch even though I hate how much the film punishes Simon for being the victim of both blackmail and a cruel public outing. Really the only reason to have Simon's friends get so mad at him is to make him completely alone for the humiliating cafeteria scene.

    Ultimately, the highs of this outweigh that minor gripe I have because of how much this gets right. I really think Nick Robinson passes well as a…