Uncut Gems ★★★½

You know a film's gonna be good when it starts with the audience exiting Adam Sandler's ass.

For real though, film's alright. It's for sure one of Sandler's best, along with Punch Drunk Love. Personally, I'm a bit tired of the whole "corruption of the American Dream" plot that so many films have followed, so I thought it was just average. This film is very well acted as well, not only by Sandler but also by my man Lakeith Stanfield. I also loved the psychedelic sequences, like with the colonoscopy in the beginning and whenever Sandler stares at the jewel. Other than that though, everything else was just kinda basic to me. Also, did anyone else think it was weird that Sandler was trying to fake a Boston accent? Doesn't he naturally sound like he's from New York?

Also, I can never forgive this film for making Adam Sandler moan "holy shit I'm gonna cum." Even when I watched the film months ago, I can still hear that line clearly in my head. Wtf Safdie brothers.