Ktown Cowboys

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This review may contain spoilers.

I think people are missing the idea. Since most others who've rated and reviewed this movie isn’t Asian astonishing in the most confusing wondrous way. If you follow the mini web series that’s on YouTube that came before this feature film, than you get the bright picture. I amuse indie Asian American filmmakers should be granted great or above decent praise from individuals. I liked the comedy and drama here, it works for me. I mean, you got an interracial couple which also gets my attention! You usually see Caucasian dudes getting with Asian girls. But here, Korean man dating a full on American woman, right on! Peter Jae and Daniel Dae Kim as brothers was effective straight up. Shane Yoon and Bobby Choy have best friend dilemmas. Now that’s the dramedy that goes with my pick on films. Just wished Daniel Park brought back Lanny Joon from the original web series back in the day. Oh and you also get awesome indie tunes from musician, Choy himself… he’s really good seriously! This film is overlooked in some wrong opinions that can’t be settled. I guess Angie Kim as Mindy was your average ABG California girl or heavily accented character. And the massage spa scene was over the top crudeness, but STILL I very much dig it! We also got Ken Jeong from The Hangover trilogy, super rad!