Mirror ★★★★½

when I watch Andrei Tarkovsky’s films I’m struck by the level of respect he extends to his viewers. I feel as if he’s sharing with gentleness something important (or even profound) with me, and trusting I’ll approach it on my own terms and whenever I’m ready to. He does not hold your hand and he barely guides your focus; Instead he shares with you the same portal that he has gazed into himself, and he hopes you see the profundity that he has seen.

This is so far and away different from the way film as a medium is approached these days that I almost can’t believe Mirror exists at all. It is profound; and it does not bring itself to you. Like all of Tarkovsky’s films it patiently waits for you to show up and walk inside, to bring with you your entire life and to open up to see what happens. The more deliberately his films are watched the more likely they will change you forever.

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