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  • Eddie the Eagle

    Eddie the Eagle


    It’ll be hard to find many films as brilliant, deftly paced, tonally perfect and hysterical as Eddie The Eagle, which easily ousts Cool Runnings as the quintessential Olympics movie.
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  • Trainwreck



    Simple but intricate, smart but broad, big but human, funny but serious, Trainwreck is phenomenal. And will no doubt be overlooked at awards season due to the fact that it is a comedy. It is so much more, but so much comedy at the same time. Everything and one thing. Amazing.
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  • Piranha 3DD

    Piranha 3DD


  • Epic


    Whilst the tress genuinely look lovely, and the 3D is mostly decent, Epic misses the point of cinema at its very core, and the title is setting the bar far too high for what is ultimately a middlingly small-scale adventure (Pun not intended) full of under-written characters and nothing particularly funny for anyone over 6.
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