La Haine

La Haine ★★★★★

It is like if the story of Amelie took place in the French projects, and instead of one sweet girl she was simultaneously 3 males that constantly clash against one-another. The is no real point to this narrative yet it is a prime example of hopeless-cinema. There is nothing I can really say towards critiquing this film. Stunning shots, transitions, characters, story development, message... and the list goes on. The 3 men are obviously archetypes; used to compliment the message of "so far, so good.." The three archetypes remind me of the 3 categories of men set by Kierkegaard in his, Fear and Trembling. Those being: The Knight of Faith, The Knight of Infinite Resignation, and The Tragic Hero. I don't find any of them to hold true faith which subsequently makes a Knight of Faith cease to exist, BUT the 3 men hold characteristics that compliment each other parallel to the relationship between Kierkegaard's 'types of being'. Mathieu Kassovitz did an unreal job conveying these traits in the characters. An utter cinematographic masterpiece that was created well before it's time. !995?? again... unreal.