ethan has written 11 reviews for films during 2019.

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    uhhhh yeah... ok

  • See Know Evil

    See Know Evil


    3rd time... Payed more attention to the sequence of the story and how Davide developed as a person. I'm in love with this documentary.

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    It is like if the story of Amelie took place in the French projects, and instead of one sweet girl she was simultaneously 3 males that constantly clash against one-another. The is no real point to this narrative yet it is a prime example of hopeless-cinema. There is nothing I can really say towards critiquing this film. Stunning shots, transitions, characters, story development, message... and the list goes on. The 3 men are obviously archetypes; used to compliment the message…

  • Blazing Saddles

    Blazing Saddles


    Got good once the sheriff came to town. Basically the jokes pre-sheriff sparked no humor. Post-sheriff's arrival, the joke:laughter ratio grew 10-fold.

  • Lick the Star

    Lick the Star


    In no way does this hold up alongside other Sofia Coppola films. This short film comes off as an assignment for film school. Sure there are plenty of well composed shots, but the script and characters were poorly produced. It's almost as if this film was created for the purpose of ironically displaying the social dynamic of middle schoolers. In the event that it was, it was poorly executed to the extent where it was physically awkward to watch.

  • See Know Evil

    See Know Evil


    Watched twice in two days. I'll proudly say that I will continue to rewatch this documentary. I couldn't help but to be absorbed by Davide's life. Thank you Davide and his family, thank you Charlie Curran, I will be recommending this to anyone I see fit.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    get the ludes hah

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    Not that this is a bad movie in any way, but I just constantly found myself sidetracked by something more important or interesting in the moment... So technically only watched around half of the movie.. Great shots throughout the parts I watched

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Everything from the kevin sheilds, to the jesus and mary chain, to young scarlett johansson, to the panning shots across japan. I cannot put logical reasoning into my love for this film. I still remember the goose bumps from my first time watching.

  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York


    Watched it, thought about it... watched another movie, still thought about it... went to sleep, and dreamt about it... woke up, and I am still thinking about it.

    Charlie Kaufman's, Synecdoche New York has put me into a state of reflection. I was not prepared for the film that was presented at the time of watching it. Throughout the 2 hour duration I was dragged, eaten, chewed, and then spit out just as the protagonist, Caden Cotard, was. Caden's relationship…

  • Training Day

    Training Day


    Both Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke fulfilled their rolls immacuatly. That being said, the lack of significant plot had me loosing interest and forgeting the direction of the story. I can’t remember the name of this film, and for a good reason. I cannot garentee you that I will even remember watching this. 

    Smoked a joint? Looking for a action thriller comedy to captivate your time? Sure this is the movie for you. Decent but nothing more.